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To help provide immediate liquidity and critical time for more strategic decisions, Onyx has the ability to deploy significant capital for a single transaction, pre-fund disposition activities, an outright multi-asset purchase across a broad range of asset classes or provide DIP financing. This ability allows us to work flexibly with our clients as both a strategic and financial partner.


In order to get the highest recoveries for our clients, Onyx utilizes customized disposition strategies and multi-channel formats ranging from immediate liquidity through outright asset purchase, private treaty / negotiated orderly sales, supply chain redirection, on-site and web-based public auctions, to monetization through discrete channels.


We work extensively with Attorneys, CRO’s, Financial Advisors, Assignees, Trustees/Receivers and other restructuring professionals to advise them on the best strategy to monetize assets. The Onyx team has over two centuries of experience and expertise in structuring and executing orderly disposition strategies, capital investments, reorganizations, online auctions and valuation projects across the globe.


In the distressed space, one often needs a true sense of value to help see the best course ahead. The Onyx team has performed thousands of appraisals and reviewed and advised on countless more. Our team includes the founder of one of the country’s leading technology valuation firms, the CTO of the Global Electronics Services Group for GE Capital, as well as a former Chair of the International Board of Examiners of the American Society of Appraisers.



Machinery & Equipment

Onyx offers customized disposition strategies to recover the highest & best values on Machinery & Equipment. We have extensive and global experience in assets classes, ranging from aerospace & defense, food processing, semiconductor, supply chain fulfillment, to biotechnology.


Our experience & market knowledge unlock the meaningful values inherent to patents brands and other intellectual property. Our expertise provides the insight on how best to structure & market IP for its highest recovery. Whether that’s Onyx’s outright purchase of an IP portfolio, the redirection to a royalty / licensing model strategy or executing a competitive sales process, we aid our clients by maximizing latent IP value.



Onyx  has the ability to deploy significant capital for a single transaction, prefund disposition activities, or an outright multi-asset purchase across a broad range of asset classes. This ability allows us to work flexibly with our clients as both a strategic and financial partner while providing immediate liquidity.

Real Estate


Real estate is a complicated asset. It can be a source of important value while also presenting legal challenges or liabilities. The Onyx team fully understands those components of risk / reward and helps our clients to properly mitigate liability risk while optimizing potential value.



Plethora Corporation - Complete Haas CNC Machining & Turning Facility Closure
Exceptional Offering Featuring  (27) Haas Late Model Tools. Two Day Global Online Auction - February 9-10, 2022.

Marietta, GA

Upcoming Sale

For Sale By Order of the US Bankruptcy Court: Vineyard, Winery & Estate in Paso Robles, CA
Three Magnificent Properties in one of California's Premier Wine Regions - Can Be Purchased Together or Individually - BID DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEB 15, 2022

1172 San Marcos Road | 2830 Live Oak Road | Texas Road, Paso Robles, CA

Ongoing Sale Process

Bulk Sale Offering of Assets Acquired in the 363 Sale of Farin Swanson
All assets including over $37 million in wholesale cost inventory of wine & spirits, intellectual property, as well as the machinery & equipment of Fairn & Swanson, a bankrupt duty-free operator serving the cruise industry.

Miami, Oakland, Seattle

Ongoing Sale Process

For Sale By Order of the US Bankruptcy Court: Figueroa Mountain Brewing - Operating Brewery and Taproom Offering
Going Concern Offering. The offering includes, but is not limed to, Figueroa’s intellectual property, equipment, furniture & fixtures, leasehold improvements, and inventory located at Figueroa’s brewery and taprooms.

Southern California

Ongoing Sale Process

UGC Laboratories - Turnkey / Bulk Offering / Auction - Full Service Hemp to CBD Facility
Entire Los Angeles hemp to CBD oil processing facility available as turnkey through November, followed by a December 9, 2021 Global Online Auction of any unsold equipment.

Los Angeles, CA

Ongoing Sale

For Sale By Order of the US Bankruptcy Court: Sunergy California - Complete Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturing Facility Available as a Turnkey / Bulk Offering & Auction on Dec 1, 2021
Turnkey / Bulk Offering / Auction - Complete Solar Production Facility

McClellan, CA (Sacramento Area)

Completed Sale

Commercial Real Estate - Single Asset Offering - Chapter 11 - 30590 Cochise Circle, Murrieta, CA
For Sale By Order of the US Bankruptcy Court - Single Asset Offering - 122,400 +/- SF Industrial Building on 17.47 Acre Lot -ESCROW CLOSED - Sep 2021

Murrieta, CA

Completed Sale Process

Digital Alloys - SOLD -Complete Burlington, MA Facility Closure of an Industrial  / Commercial Multi-Metal Additive System Developer. Featuring the Company's  Machinery & Equipment, Inventory and Office Assets
Global Online Auction of an Industrial 3D Metal Printing Company - Online Auction Closed on July 29, 2021.

Burlington, MA

Completed Sale

Abundant Robotics - SOLD - Complete Facility Closure - Agricultural Robotics Company - Equipment and Inventory Sale Offering
Machinery, Equipment and Office Assets - Bidding Closed July 27, 2021

Hayward, CA

Completed Sale

Amaranth Medical, Inc. - Sale of Medical Device IP & Assets
Negotiated Sale Process featuring all Company assets, including intellectual property (patents, clinical data & trademarks) of a company developing & manufacturing bioresorbable scaffolds / stents for cardiovascular interventions.

US & Singapore

Completed Sale Process

JRV Group USA - Bulk Vehicle Offering - 300+ Jeep Wranglers
By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Case No. 19-11095, in the matter of JRV Group USA. Bulk Offering of over 300 individual New Stock & Upfitted Jeep Wranglers

Wilmington, DE

Completed Sale Process

Turnkey Offering Followed by a Global Online Auction of Specialty's Bakery & Café Production Facility
Turnkey Offering Followed by a Global Online Auction - Complete Artisan Bread & Pastry Production Facility - Bidding Closed September 30, 2021

Redwood City, CA

Completed Sale Process

Barley Forge Brewing - Going Concern Sale
By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Case No. 8: 19-bk-13920-TA in the matter of Barley Forge Brewing Company, LLC. Negotiated Sale Process of an operating brewery & restaurant including Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, & Brands)

Costa Mesa, CA

Completed Sale Process

Intarcia - Complete Facility Closure - Lab Assets Offering
With over $1.75 billion in Venture Capital investments, Intarcia developed innovative therapies utilizing a proprietary delivery system. - Global Online Auction - January 27-28, 2021.

Hayward, CA

Completed Sale

Three Twins Ice Cream - Organic Ice Cream Manufacturer Complete Operating Plant - Real Estate & Equipment
Organic Ice Cream Company Complete Plant in Wisconson

Sheboygan, WI

Completed Sale Process



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