Haus Beverage, Inc. - Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors - Going Concern Asset Sale Including all Intellectual Property, Operating Facilities, inventory and DTC Book of Business.

Going Concern Asset Sale of a Northern California Aperitif Compnay



November 10, 2022


Healdsburg (Sonoma County), CA


Haus Sale Memorandum

Haus Beverage, Inc.  – Going Concern Asset Offering

We are pleased to announce that Onyx Asset Advisors, LLC (“ONYX”) has been formally engaged as the exclusive sales agent to market and sell the assets of Haus Beverage, Inc. (referred to hereafter as “Haus”) as an operating / going concern. The offering includes Haus’ intellectual property (formulations, trademarks, consumer website and brands), inventory and operating facilities located in Healdsburg, CA.


In order to assist interested parties with their initial due diligence, we have included a brief synopsis below of the relevant details of the Haus offering.  For additional information, including full access to the soon to be opened data room, questions or to schedule on-site due diligence, please return an executed copy of the attached non-disclosure agreement to Kyle Pesonen :