HCI, LLC - Entire Fleet Offering Featuring: Trucks, Heavy Machinery & Equipment and Trailers.
Complete Fleet of Vehicles Available in an Ongoing / Negotiated Sale of a Directional Drilling & Utility Line Contractor

Riverside, CA

Completed Sale Process

JRV Group USA - Bulk Vehicle Offering - 300+ Jeep Wranglers
By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Case No. 19-11095, in the matter of JRV Group USA. Bulk Offering of over 300 individual New Stock & Upfitted Jeep Wranglers

Wilmington, DE

Completed Sale Process

JRV Group USA - Custom Jeep Up-fitters - Parts Inventory
By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Case No. 19-11095, in the matter of JRV Group USA. Global Internet Auction of the Company's Inventory of New OEM & Aftermarket Jeep Wrangler Parts.

Ontario, CA

Completed Sale

OBX Racing Sports - Liquidation Event - $55,000,000 (MSRP) Inventory
Available for Immediate Sale - Aftermarket Racing and Automotive Parts

Union City, CA

Ongoing Sale Process

Pier 1 - Online Auction - Captured Data Center Asset Offering
Global Online Auction of Pier 1 Captured Data Center - Featuring: High-End Servers, Switches, Routers and more

Fort Worth, TX

Completed Sale

Sun Edison - Surplus Inventory – Standard Grade Polysilicon
Negotiated Orderly Sale. Approximately 200,000 KG of Polycrystaline Silicon.

Houston, TX

Completed Sale Process

Amaranth Medical, Inc. - Sale of Medical Device IP & Assets
Negotiated Sale Process featuring all Company assets, including intellectual property (patents, clinical data & trademarks) of a company developing & manufacturing bioresorbable scaffolds / stents for cardiovascular interventions.

US & Singapore

Completed Sale Process

For Sale By Order of the US Bankruptcy Court: Figueroa Mountain Brewing - Operating Brewery and Taproom Offering
Going Concern Offering. The offering includes, but is not limed to, Figueroa’s intellectual property, equipment, furniture & fixtures, leasehold improvements, and inventory located at Figueroa’s brewery and taprooms.

Southern California

Completed Sale Process