West Coast Craft Brewery - Acquisition Opportunity

NDA Required for Detailed Information Including Company Name and Signature Brands



June 28, 2023


West Coast - United States




Sale Teaser

Onyx Asset Advisors has been engaged by a regional craft brewery to run a creative process to explore options to find a partner with fuel in the tank to unlock the potential of their brands. In order to assist interested parties with their initial due diligence, we have included a brief synopsis below of the relevant details of the opportunity.  Please see above for the NDA. Once you’ve had an opportunity to review both, please execute and return the NDA if you are interested in receiving more detailed information, including the company name and signature brands.  

This company is located on the West Coast of the United States and features a wide array of beers ranging from IPAs, stouts, lagers and specialty beers. With a strong membership program and multi-state domestic distribution, this brewery has an established brand and cult following. In an evolving regulatory environment where more and more states are allowing DTC beer shipments, with a capacity of 38,000 barrels and the ability to expand, the company is well situated to take advantage of the current and anticipated wholesale and DTC markets with the right partner.   We look forward to hearing back from you.  

Please return the executed NDA to Paul Buie at: pbuie@thinkONYX.com